John Binette

John was born and raised in Maine and has been boating his entire life. He moved to Virginia in 1995 and quickly met his wife, Joanne. They have been married 21 years and have two amazing girls, Diana and Sarah, both of whom swim with the MVYC Dolphins. The family hails from the 09 since 2001. After an introduction to MVYC by the Baker family, they promptly joined the club in 2013 and have been active participants in many club functions throughout the years. John has previously served two years as Marina Director. During that time, the marina underwent several major changes. An addition was built on the shed to house the new ice machine for the marina, the bulkhead wall was entirely re-topped and all the piers on Outer W were replaced. John and family

look forward to many more great years of service to and sharing with MVYC and all its members.