Woody Evans

Woody and his wife Holly joined the Club in 2004, after visiting the club for a TGIF and being welcomed by the spirit and enthusiasm of the TGIF regulars. Their early years at the Club involved swim meets with their two children Anna and Will, as well as water sports and raft-ups in their Sea Ray Sundeck 210. Socially, Woody has attended many of the Club’s events over the years and has witnessed Board participation first hand through Holly’s time as Pool Chair and Treasurer. Recently, Woody has been involved in the implementation of the 60th Anniversary celebration, the 4th of July Softball game, and Oktoberfest. Holly and Woody live in Mt. Vernon behind Grist Mill Park. Woody is employed by EYA, LLC, a regional property developer with a strong presence on the Potomac River. “I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve on the Board at MVYC. As a long time member, I look forward to giving back to the Club that has given me so many good times and so many good friends.”