The Clubhouse shall be rented only to Members of Mount Vernon Yacht Club (MVYC) who are Members in good standing. For each rental, one Member shall be designated as the “Host,” and shall sign this Agreement. Rental requests are prioritized by the date that the rental request is received by the Clubhouse Rental Coordinator. The Host shall sign this Agreement and forward it, along with the rental fee and damage deposit, to the Rental Coordinator. Rental requests will not be considered unless accompanied by the rental fee and damage deposit. Rental requests are subject to approval by the MVYC Board of Trustees (Board). Rental of the Clubhouse does not include usage of the third floor “Crow’s Nest.” Rental may include the use of the pool or the Point if approval is granted by the Board of Trustees; additional fees may be assessed. Use of tents or other party fixtures on the Point must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees. Use of the pool or Point for any rental function shall in no event prevent or curtail its use by MVYC members.


A damage deposit shall be paid along with the rental request. If the Host elects to have a rental company provide tables and chairs, an additional security deposit($750) will be required. Following an inspection by the Club Rental Coordinator to confirm satisfactory clean up of the premises and lack of damage, the Rental Coordinator is required to submit a deposit return recommendation to the Board for approval. If damage is found, the Board will determine the amount of the security deposit that will be retained to pay for the damage repair.


A refund of the Rental Fee shall be made only if a Notice of Cancellation is made to the Rental Coordinator prior to the anticipated rental date.


The Host shall at all times comply with MVYC Bylaws, Rules and Procedures. The Host will be present at all times during the function for which the Clubhouse has been rented. The Host is responsible for compliance with the ABC laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the MVYC alcoholic beverage rules outlined in this Agreement. In addition, the Host assumes responsibility for the actions of all vendors and guests. The Host may select another Member to be present and responsible during set-up and clean-up activities. The Host is responsible for any damages associated with its rental of the MVYC facility.


Event set-up should be scheduled to avoid conflict with other scheduled Club events. All evening rental events must terminate by midnight. Loud music or other noise must be controlled, particularly after 9:00 PM. In all cases outside noise must end by 11:00 PM. Caterers and other vendors should vacate the property by 1:00 AM. Use of the Clubhouse is limited to 150 guests for a stand-up reception and 100 for a sit-down function per occupancy requirements.


Names and addresses of any outside vendors to be used must be submitted with the damage deposit check. A certificate of liability insurance from caterers must also be submitted. The Host will be responsible for providing all service ware (cups/plates, utensils, table cloths, etc.). If catering services are to be used, all caterers’ china, glassware and other equipment must be removed from the Clubhouse at the end of the event. All caterers and other vendors should make deliveries through the Clubhouse back staircase. Neither the elevator nor the front entrance should be used for transporting items.


The Host is responsible for clean-up of the rented area after use. This includes washing any dishes, placing all trash in the dumpster, sweeping and light mopping of the floors, vacuuming carpets and restoring any moved items to their original positions, turning off lights and fans and ensuring that all doors are locked.


The MVYC Clubhouse is a nonsmoking facility. Smoking is permitted on the rear and side decks only.

Revised September 2013



If the rental event requires use of the parking lot, the Host should arrange to have the security gate opened for the event. The gate will be closed as soon as possible after the event begins.


MVYC furniture may be moved around on each floor to accommodate private events, but the furniture should not be moved from one floor to another. All materials moved across the floor surfaces should be transported on equipment with rubber wheels to avoid scratching the floors. Protective floor covering should be used for deliveries where necessary. Use of Club tables and chairs is encouraged, and is included in the Clubhouse rental fee. The Host is responsible for set-up, breakdown and proper storage of all Club equipment. If additional chairs and tables are required, the Host is responsible for such additional charges. All table legs, chair legs and other rented equipment should have rubber protectors or a protective surface to avoid scratching the floors. The Rental Coordinator should be informed if use of the sound system, TV or other equipment is desired. The Clubhouse thermostat is usually set at 72 degrees in the summer and 65 degrees in the winter. If your event requires a lower/higher temperature, please ask the Rental Coordinator to adjust the temperature.


Rentals are generally published in the BEACON calendar to alert other Members and avoid disruptions to private events. Any decorations for private parties must be pre-approved by the Rental Coordinator. No items may be nailed, taped or in any other manner affixed to any wall, ceiling, floor, planters or any other permanent fixture of the Clubhouse. The Club is not responsible for any supplies that are left behind. Rice and birdseed are not to be thrown on the premises. No open flames are allowed, except table candles and chaffing dishes. No hand-held candles or fireworks are allowed at any time.


No events covered by this Agreement can be posted or advertised publicly. Under no circumstances may an entrance fee, registration fee or any other type of fee be collected from attendees of an event held on rented MVYC property.


MVYC assumes no responsibility for the damage or loss of any merchandise or personal articles brought onto Club property during a rental. The Host is responsible for any damage done to the Club by guests, attendees, independent contractors, or other persons under their control.


Entrances for events covered by this rental agreement include the main Clubhouse entrance, side entrance off of the parking lot and the elevator. The handicapped elevator entrance is in the dressing room hall, and a membership card is required for use. Most of the building doors may be locked open by using the hex key attached to each door. However, during an event, the doors leading to the pool must remain locked at all times and the emergency exit signage must be in place per code requirements. These doors are to be used in emergency situations only. All doors must be locked at the end of the event.


The kitchen and bar are available for use during private functions. The kitchen and bar should be cleaned up and all appliances turned off after use. The garbage disposal should be used for rinsing of plates. To avoid clogging pipes, please do not use the disposal for large volumes of leftover food. Glassware should not be used on the outside deck overlooking the pool, since broken glass is a hazard around pool areas. Kitchen consumables (cups, paper plates, paper towels, etc.) may not be used for rental events.


Rental of the Clubhouse does not include use of the third-floor “Crow’s Nest.” All MVYC members may use the elevator for access to the third floor at any time during a rental event; however, they are required to access the third floor via the pool hall entrance to avoid disruptions to the rental event. Non-member guests who wish to visit the third floor must be escorted by a Member at all times. The second floor stairway door to the third floor should be kept closed during rentals.

Revised September 2013



Rental of the Clubhouse does not include usage of “The Point” unless Board approval is granted in advance.” Board approval is required for use of “The Point” for a function including 12 or more non-members. A $500 deposit is required for usage of ‘The Point” for a function of 25 or more people. The use of tents, portable toilets or other portable items must be reviewed and approved by the Board. No overnight use of “The Point” for camping is permitted unless approved in advance by the Board. Usage of “The Point” for a rental function shall in no event prevent or curtail its use by MVYC members.


If, for any reason beyond its control, including, but not limited to, accidents, Club operations, commodities or supplies, acts of war or terrorism or acts of God, the Club is unable to perform its obligations under this agreement, such non-performance shall be excused and the Club may terminate this Agreement without liability of any nature whatsoever upon the return of the Host’s deposit. In no event shall the Club be liable for consequential damages of any nature for any reason whatsoever.


The Host agrees that the function will be conducted in an orderly manner and in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and Club Bylaws, Rules and Procedures. The Host hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Club against any and all claims for personal injury, negligence of any Member or guest, invitees or agent of the Host or any one hired by the Host. Further, the Mount Vernon Yacht Club and any of its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives shall not be held accountable or liable for, and the same are hereby released from accountability for, any damage, loss, harm or injury to the Host or any property of the Host or any of its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, water, accident, or other cause, including damages resulting from the consumption of alcohol.


MVYC is a licensee of the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Commission under License Number 000564. This license is for retail sale of beer and wine only. Members and guests may bring their own spirits onto Club premises, but spirits may not be dispensed by the Club at any function. The following alcoholic beverage control rules apply to all MVYC rental events, and the Host must comply with and enforce these rules:

1. All users of MVYC facilities shall comply with the Virginia ABC rules, which are posted in the Clubhouse on the entrance bulletin board.

2. A manager shall be designated and present at all functions where alcoholic beverages are served as part of the function. The Club’s designated representative for the function and/or the ranking Board Member present is hereby designated to act as manager.

3. No person under the age of 21 years shall be allowed to purchase, consume or handle any alcoholic beverage on any property of MVYC at any time.

4. An adult Member or guest who brings spirits to the Clubhouse shall have his/her name clearly printed on each container, and shall remove unconsumed portions from MVYC when departing the function.

5. Any Member who fails or refuses to comply with these provisions will be asked to immediately depart MVYC property, and may be subject to suspension or expulsion from membership, in accordance with MVYC’s Bylaws.

6. No cash bar for spirits is permitted.