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Thank you for showing interest in becoming a member of the Mount Vernon Yacht Club. As a volunteer-driven organization, we offer an array of boating, swimming, and social activities for members to enjoy throughout the year.

                 Three Simple Steps to Membership

  • Complete Application.
  • Obtain Member Endorsements.
  • Submit Application.
  • Application Posted for 30 days review.
  • Interview with Membership Committee.
  • Board votes on new members.
  • Pay initiation fees and annual dues.
  • Obtain Member Endorsements.
  • Congratulations.

 General Information

As a member in good standing at the Mount Vernon Yacht Club, you will have access to all of our facilities, including the clubhouse, marina, and pool. Additionally, you will be able to participate in social events and meetings, and have the opportunity to vote on important matters, including budgets and to hold club office. If you own property in Yacht Haven Estates, you will also have the right to vote on certain matters that may impact the character or size of the club.

Being a member also includes certain obligations, such as paying annual dues, boat slip fees (if applicable), and volunteering to help operate the club. A one-time initiation fee is also required for new members.

The MVYC currently has a membership limit of 230 family memberships and there is a waiting list for new applicants. Applications may be submitted, but new members will not begin the interview process until they reach the top of the waiting list.

                                                      The Application Process

To apply for membership at the Mount Vernon Yacht Club, please complete, sign, and date the application form. Two active members of the club must also endorse your application in the designated spaces.

Your application will then be posted on the club bulletin board for 30 days for members to provide input. Shortly after the 30-day posting period, you will be invited to meet with the Membership Committee. A brief biographical sketch is important for the Committee to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees, so please be sure to include your reasons for seeking membership in the MVYC.

We encourage you to attend at least one club event prior to applying for membership, such as a TGIF Pot Luck or other club-sponsored activity. If you have any questions or would like more information about the club, feel free to contact the Membership Chair (membership@mvyc.net) for a guided tour.

                                                    Forms and Information

MVYC Application Form:



MVYC Membership Brochure:


For more information contact membership@mvyc.net


Submit completed application form to:

Mount Vernon Yacht Club
Attn: Membership Chair
4817 Tarpon Lane
Alexandria, VA 22309