Becoming a member of MVYC is simple: Apply, get approved, and start making friends!

You may check out our MVYC Membership Brochure jan29-2018 

MVYC members receive important rights and privileges.  They can use all Club facilities, including the clubhouse, marina and pool.  They can attend social events and meetings, vote on budgets and other important matters, and become eligible to hold Club office.  Club members who own property in Yacht Haven Estates also have additional rights to vote on certain matters that might affect the character or size of the Club.

Member obligations include annual dues, slip fees for boat owners, and an obligation to volunteer in some way to help operate the club.  New members pay a modest initiation fee when they join.  Dues and fees are among the lowest in our area, partly because MVYC is an all-volunteer organization that uses paid staff for only a few jobs such as maintaining the grass and operating the pool.

MVYC is allowed to have up to 230 family memberships.  Most of the time, there is no waiting list, and new members can join immediately upon approval.  A family membership includes the member and spouse along with any immediate family living in the member’s home (such as dependent children).

For more information, contact our Membership Committee:

MVYC Membership Application Form: MVYC_Membership_Application_



THE 2018 Membership Renewal  Drive Documents are below:

Annual Membership letter 2018 MVYC Annual Dues Letter

Membership Form: MVYC-Membership-Form-2018-final-v2hmemclear

PayPal Payment Link: PAYPAL

Volunteer Form: MVYC-Volunteer-Form-2018