MVYC- Power Fleet

The Power Fleet Committee was formed a number of years ago and is one of the most active Committees at MVYC. For 2017, the Power Fleet will be under the leadership of Mike Holland in addition to a number of Power Fleet event coordinators who assist Mike in planning and coordinating Power Fleet events. The 2017 Power Fleet event slate will provide a  variety of activities for all MVYC members to enjoy. Enthusiastic and dedicated members make all of the activities enjoyable and memorable. Even though this Committee is called “Power Fleet“, the Power Fleet welcomes all MVYC members to actively participate in the many events throughout the year.

Power Fleet Committee Chair: Mike Holland

Events Date Point Of Contact
Frostbite 1/21/2017 Jerry Gray/Alexi Stavropoulos
Super Bowl (Helping Social with this year) 2/5/2017 Diotalevi/Jess Flesch
Overland Cruise 2/18/2017 Lori Wallace
Sock Burning Party 3/18/2017 Jim Ortiz/Chris Bazel
Safety Inspection ⁄ Swap Meet 4/22/2017 Bonnie Breneman/Roger Fuller
Bunch Cruise 4/30/2017 Mitchell Mutnick
Commissioning Day 5/7/2017 Social
MVYC Photo Shoot 5/6/2017 Russell Poe/Julian Fincher
Memorial Day Raft Up – Spring Fling 5/27/2017 Flesch’s
PRYCA Cobb Island 6/17-19/2017 TBA Pat McCarthy
MVYC 13th Annual Parade of Lights 7/3/2017 Chris Ruckman/Fred Brown
Poker Run TBA Tom Connolly
PRYCA Float In 7/15/2017 TBA Pat McCarthy
MVYC Hot Fun Cruise 8/25/2017-8/20/2017 Mike Holland/Bonnie Breneman
Labor Day Raft up 9/2/2017 Steve Donock
Old Town Overnight 10/13/2017-10/15/2017 Dan O’Keefe

All are welcome to sign up or help out with any of the events. You can contact the “POC” or

you can email the Power Fleet Captain at